The new work "The Dark Stains¨they are showing here at Toves Gallery is the first film installation in a new generation of their motion picture art pieces. It is not a remake, in fact a documentary of a sceance performed by medium/artist Birgitta Tholander to help Kajsa Engstrand to deal with her problems in her home and studio. the other objects in the installation helps to enhance the feeling of that sunny say in June. As a bonus they will also show their new film ¨Big Business¨.

Their work is basically installations like rides, films and photoseries, always related to the amusement and experience industries. The common interests they share are popular culture, American in particular and thémepark esthetics. The rides can be refered to the ones you can find at carnivales. They are made to work indoors at Museums and Galleries, are brutally real and confront the beholders with laconic dysfunction, it surely debunks interactice art! They reinvent wellknown icons and proceed in the spirit of postproduction and recycling. That is especially in the movie installations, as they do remakes of already famous films like Deerhunter, Alien or Jaws. The original and their version just on top of each other, in the very same screen, so everybody actually can compare the result immediately. Humour and straight-forward attitude is significant of their way of working.