Ride1;6 (Crash) Lars Bohman Gallery 2014
With a playful but somewhat mischievous attitude, Ride 1 has, since 2004, made the art world slightly insidious with their humorous interpretations of American pop culture. Installations of photography, video and rides - a kind of hybridization that will surprise the daredevil gallery visitor, make up a context where the divide between reality and fiction becomes uncertain. The installations could be read as comments on the general impact popular culture, or more specifically, the entertainment industry, with its intense adrenaline levels and taste for the spectacular, imposes on culture and society.

In conjunction with the show Lars Bohman Gallery publishes a catalogue with texts by Lars Bang Larsen.



RIDE 1 - 2004 - 2014

catalog published in conjunction with the 2014 solo show at Lars Bohman Gallery

84 pp.
30 x 22cm
Illustrated throughout
Text by Lars Bang Larsen
Art direction and graphic design by Ritator
Cover image Graham Samuels
Printed by TMG Sthlm 2014
Edition 600
ISBN 978-91-981991-0-9

SEK 200