Ride1, a cooperation established in 2004 by the artists Ronny Hansson, born 1962 in
Uddevalla, lives and works in Nyköping Sweden. Jonas Kjellgren, born 1962 in Gävle,
lives and works in Torsåker Sweden and Stig Sjölund, born 1955 in Timrå, lives and
works in Stockholm Sweden.
Our works are basically installations or mostly live installations (in public use). Our stuff
like the rides, films and photoseries, always relate to the amusement and experience
industries. The common interests we share are popular culture, American in particular and
théme park esthetics. Our rides can be refered to as the ones you can find in carnivals.
They are made to work in Museums and Galleries, are brutally real and confront the visitor
with little information and really tilt the idea of interactive art, the choice here is: Do it or not
and definately on your own terms. We will leave you with your experiences to yourself,
just as in an ordinary amusement park.
The rides are actually environments, a photo or a film together with the ride itself, special
lightning and the staff that runs it. We are telling you a story, it starts with the first ride. In
the image you can see three young criminals outside a fair, that is where it all starts. The
rides must make sense with the photos or films. There is a ferris wheel, a free fall, a
whirlwind, a rocket etc. You can follow the rides and images and figure out the story. Join
the youngsters from one situation to another, from one ride to the next one. Our inspiration
is Disneys way to building up expectations and starting to produce adrenaline already in the
line, the rides at Disneyland are not that fantastic, but with a smart system of engaging
people queueing in different situations makes the ride really long and very intriguing. The
smartest thing uncle Walt did was to eliminate the natural horizon and construct his own.
You are really lost and trapped in a wonderful secteristic way.
We reinvent well known icons and proceed in the spirit of post production and recycling.
Especially in our movie installations, as we do remakes of already famous films like
Deerhunter, Alien or Jaws. The original and our version, just on top of each other in the
very same screen, so everybody actually can compare the result immediately. These
flatscreens are joined with a sculpture (object) to get the experience as total as possible.
Humour and a straight-forward attitude is significant in our way of working. You really do
get what you see, except in our performance ¨Jack of many trades¨ that one takes an
unartistic twist. It has become more of a vaudeville act, you absolutely dont get what you
see here.

Also see the other texts on our webpage, written by Lars Bang Larsen and Rikard Ekholm.

    by Rickard Ekholm  

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  Remake of the movie "The Deer Hunter"
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